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Bill Abdallah is your deportation defense attorney Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio

Get help with deportation proceedings in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio for a fair hearing

Whatever the reason for deportation proceedings, it is extremely important that you receive a fair hearing and are provided with the best possible deportation defense.

Deportation proceedings can be initiated for a variety of reasons, including expired visas and even relatively minor criminal convictions which would not ordinarily result in imprisonment for a US citizen.

Deportation hearings (now known as Removal Hearings) are held at the Cleveland Immigration Court. Federal rules of evidence are inapplicable in Immigration Courts, so an Immigration Judge has greater authority to consider most kinds of evidence in deciding a case.

Deportation hearings (now called Removal Hearings) determine whether a non-citizen can be removed from the country (this includes the old definitions of deportation and exclusion). The deportation hearing is the procedure by which a judge at the Cleveland Immigration Courtwill determine whether an alien in the Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio area is inadmissible, deportable, or eligible for relief from removal. Deportation hearings are conducted on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

If the DHS believes there has been a violation of immigration laws, it can 'serve' the person involved with a document called a Notice to Appear. This document orders the individual to appear before an Immigration Judge, and advises of the nature and type of the proceedings, and the individual's right to an attorney.

Many who face deportation and removal proceedings have also been in immigration detention in the lead up to the hearing. See the link for more information on immigration detention.

If faced with deportation proceedings do not delay - call for assistance immediately. Bill Abdallah's expertise and personal experience will provide the ideal combination of knowledge and commitment during your deportation defense proceedings. Avoid detention for you and your family by getting the right help immediately.

Real commitment to the lives of clients throughout the Dayton, Cincinnati and Cleveland Ohio areas and surrounding counties.

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