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Frequently Asked Questions in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions about visa applications and immigration in Dayton Cincinnati Ohio area

How does the US green card system work?
[link to green card page] A Green Card is the document issued by the US Immigration Service (USCIS) to foreign nationals granting permanent residency and permission to work in the United States of America. It is possible to obtain through employment and sponsorship, the 'Green Card Lottery', a family member or by marriage amongst other grounds. More

Why would I need an immigration lawyer?
US immigration law can be complex and frustrating. An immigrant himself, immigration lawyer Bill Abdallah can offer you experienced guidance through the system More

What is immigration detention?
Immigration detention can have a significant impact on the lives of those detained, so it's important to seek assistance as quickly as practicable for yourself or your family members facing immigration detention. If you or your loved ones face deportation and removal proceedings, specialist legal representation is the best way to ensure you have a fair hearing where you are represented accurately. More

How can I apply for US work visas?
Besides the well known Green Card there are a range of other work visas available for non-citizen workers who work on a short or long term basis in the USA, depending on your circumstances. See the link for more information on immigration law and visa applications. More

What is a K1 visa?
The K1 visa is designed for the foreign-citizen fiancé of a US citizen. Because the definitions and regulations of this visa are complicated, its helpful to have the assistance of an immigration lawyer who is an experienced K1 visa attorney. See the link for more information on visa applications. More

What should I do when threatened with deportation?
Whatever the reason for deportation and removal proceedings, it is extremely important that you receive a fair hearing. More

Citizenship and Naturalization: How can I become a US citizen?
If you meet certain requirements, you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth. See the link for more on Citizenship and Naturalization. More

What is a Criminal Alien?
The term criminal alien is used to describe any noncitizen who has been arrested or convicted for any criminal offense regardless of the type or severity of the crime or whether the individual is undocumented or has lawful status. Under this broad definition, a "criminal alien" could include a legal permanent resident who has lived in the United States for almost all of his/her life and has committed a relatively minor offense such as shoplifting. More

How can I get a visa for my fiancé?

The K1 nonimmigrant fiancé visa is designed for the foreign-citizen fiancé of a US citizen. Because the definitions and regulations of the fiancé visa are complicated, its helpful to have the assistance of an experienced K1 visa attorney. More

What is a H1B visa?
An H1B Visa for Specialty Occupations is a temporary work visa for foreign workers with a job offer in a specialty occupation in the US. More

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